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The three factories that represent this alliance possess strong technological base, large capacity and importantly - instant drive for innovation, inspiration and experiment. We like to think of ourselves as a team of like-minded people, motivated by ideals from good to great.

Our story: About


Creative alliance of three craftsmen from Latvia, which is notorious for its unique artisan traditions


Founded in 2002, our mission is to convert bold glass design ideas into functional elements and structures. “AM studio” is able to provide all spectrum of services, from designing, sketching, creation of unique forms by glass artists, to fabrication and installation of ready-made product. Our experienced technicians, constructors and service team have earned the trust and confidence of our clients over the years with their vast knowledge and hard work. More information.

Our projects:

  • Dior, London, UK - fused glass panels, glass decor

  • Riga Dome Cathedral, Riga, Latvia - monumental glass bas-reliefs, 7x4 m

  • "Double Tree by Hilton Hilton", Minsk, Belarus, architect U.Zabers - facade decorative glass panels

  • Z-towers, Riga, Latvia, architect A.Silis - colored fused glass decorative panels with engraving, H 8m

  • Land Rover showroom, Moscow, Russia - molded fused glass, walls and doors

  • and many more


We offer decorative interior and exterior solutions in a variety of techniques - patinated historical atmosphere details, metal surface, rust and gilding add can turn any interior design into elite artwork. Working in the industry since 1992 we have excelled in our profession and are able to turn any architect fantasy into reality. 

Our projects:

  • Millenium Hotel , London, UK - specialist ceilings

  • Private estate in UK, design by A.Kravetz - gilded ceilings, coffer details -cornices, mural

  • Kempinski Grand Hotel, Latvia, design by A.Kravetz - wall/interior, metal finishes/furniture details

  • Z-towers, Latvia, design by A.Silis - metal finish of reception desk

  • Radisson Blu Latvia - Armourcoat polished plaster

  • and many more


We specialize in large scale wooden interiors, wooden furniture, renovations and wooden facades that require utmost intricacy. Our history dates back to 2000's and we have evolved into a large-scale factory with a modern technological base coupled with developed artisan traditions.

Our projects:

  • Z-towers, Latvia, design by A.Silis - fire-resistant wooden panels (H 8m) and structures, wooden relief wall panels, wooden columns, furniture

  • Latvian National Library - wooden structures

  • Latvian Concert Hall Dzintari - wooden facade reconstruction

  • Latvian Conference space "Hanza Perons", architecture by Sudraba Arhitektura - renovation of wooden structures and roofing

  • Latvian Bank - renovation of wooden interior, doors, windows 

  • and many more


ARTISIONS have extensive experience in cooperation with international designers and architects. 

For the projects that are still in need of formulating creative vision, we invite you to contact our collaboration partner - interior designer, and interior design book author - Dace Stabulniece.  

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